Quote Radco has done several projects for me and each time I am more impressed than before. Their vast knowledge in construction and building standards has been incredibly valuable on my projects. I would recommend them to anyone who has high standards and strives for excellence.NewQuote
  - Mike- Sausalito CA
Quote Radco built me my dream house 10 years ago and it still looks like they just finished. Jim and his crew were amazing and they were able to meet our budget and time constraints. I can't say enough great things about them.NewQuote
Elaine-Atherton CA - Elaine-Atherton CA
Quote Jim Radu and his crew were amazing. They showed up on time every day and were a wealth of knowledge. My wife and I still talk about what a great experience we had with our remodel. They came in 4 months early and were trying to save me money until the end. I hope we can work together again soon.NewQuote
  - Joe- Larkspur CA
Quote When I hired Radco to build my office building I didn't realize how important it was for them to have such good subcontractors. Radco has been doing residential and commercial construction since I was a kid. The relationships they have made with subcontractors over the years made such an impact on my project. My last project was constantly behind schedule. The contractor kept telling me it was the subcontractors fault and we were at their mercy. This project was a complete 360. Jim took charge and his subs were fast, efficient and on time. My project went very smooth and the relationships I made continue to be helpful on additional projects. Just last month I hired the painting contractor from that project to paint my grandmothers house.NewQuote
Matt- San Francisco CA - Matt- San Francisco CA